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Nortel Meridian Telephone Systems

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Top Quality Nortel Meridian Telephones

At MF Communications we remanufacture Nortel Meridian phones to give them a second life.  All our Nortel Meridian phones are taken apart and remade; given new plastic housing and new cords.  They are then tested three times before being boxed like new.  This enables us to supply the Nortel Meridian phones with a full warranty. See how we remanufacture for yourself.

If you require any of the Nortel Meridian phones that are no longer manufactured, DON’T buy poor quality refurbished phones from the internet; cheap phones are a false economy. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Our phones are high quality ‘as new’ products, the quality of which is guaranteed as we supply Nortel Meridian phones back to Nortel suppliers and customers worldwide.

Our quality has to be guaranteed as we supply Meridian Nortel phones back to Nortel dealers worldwide. Cheap phones are a false economy. Check out the warranty, is it like ours? – no quibble. Quality assured.

We also stock a full range of other Nortel telephones, parts and systems for all the Meridian Nortel range – please visit our main web site  for more information or contact us.

We understand that our clients need professional and reliable network phones and this is why we suggest Nortel Networks Phones. Nortel networks phones have a strong reputation for delivering outstanding performance and stability. We can advise you on which of the Nortel Networks Phones is right for you. Meridian Telephones is the premier location for Nortel Networks Phones.

Nortel Meridian Telephones

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The Remanufacturing Process

We provide the best possible service and quality with all our remanufactured phones; All our Nortel Meridian system phones are remanufactured to look like new and will be supplied boxed, with new cords, remade plastic housing, new handpieces and literature packs. Please follow this link to see how we do things.

Other Nortel Products

Many Nortel parts and are now EOL (end of life).  Are you in need of spare system parts?  We can give you high quality products with very fast delivery times. Please do visit our main web site for further support with your Nortel Meridian Phone system.

1. Nortel CS1000 2. Meridian Option 3. SL1
4. Meridian Telephones & Console 5. Meridian IP Telephones 6. DECT